30th Birthday or end of the most precious decade of life

Tomorrow is my 30th Birthday and I am writing this a day before. 20–30 is the most precious age of everyone’s life. When I look back, I feel very proud of myself.

In this decade, we finish our education, build our career, fall in love, face breakups and most importantly explore ourselves in many ways. By this time, we learn many life lessons. I guess we get some direction or path in life.

I have friends who have already turned 30 and also who are going to be 30 soon. When I talked to them, few are worried about aging, half of them don’t even want to disclose their age in front of others.

Luckily, life has always blessed me and I am happy about it. I don’t have anxiety about turning 30. Maybe my life journey had been wonderful to date and I love it.

Throughout this journey, I have also explored myself and I wanted to highlight a few of them.

1)Family comes first over the rest of the world. A human being is a social animal. We need people to spend a happy and fulfilling kind of life. Friends and family make our life easy. I am blessed to born in an Indian family because we learn to care from home. It’s been close to 12 years I left home for studies and then work. But still, I call my mom when I feel sad or happy. Her daily calls give me the strength to live.

We always meet new people, make many friends, best friends as well. But even our best friends are not for forever #friendsforever doesn’t work in real life. Except for family, no relationships are lifelong. I do have best friends and I shout out for them. Sometimes, it’s the just situation that you can’t take it further or always be with each other. By 30, you will also know the difference between real friendship and just like that friends. Compatibility is the language of love now.

2)Money or Materialistic things give momentary happiness- By 30, I learned that materialistic things can make you happy for a few days only. Any kind of phone or your dream car, or I guess house as well. You feel proud of having them but still, it doesn’t make you happy for long. At the same time, happiness lies in personal goals. Improving yourself in multiple aspects.

3)Building inner and outer strength gives real happiness: Seeing yourself growing day by day, gives immense happiness. In this decade, I build myself strong physically and mentally as well. In my early 20s, I can’t even think of the Vipassana(Meditation course) kind of thing for an hour and when I did it, I learned it. I feel so good about it. In the late 20s, I started exploring a lot of things for physical, mental and personal goals. I was never an athlete and now I can run half marathon. I went on a solo trip to Europe, winter trek. I started writing and reciting poems, articles I feel happy about my growth in life. So, if you’re in the 20s, fulfill your small or big dreams. Explore yourself and try everything.

4)Love people and learn to forgive — In my early 20s, I have always been an attention seeker, also I will do anything for the one whom I love. I try to make themselves feel special and expect the same. Somehow, in my late 20s, I learned not to expect anything from anyone, it doesn’t matter how close you’re with someone. It never going to make you happy. The expectation should be with yourself only. Love people, care for them. No one is perfect in this world, so forgiveness makes our life easy.

5)Be a giver: When I do little things for others, I feel happy. Help people, solve their problems of life. It will make you happy. I find happiness in it.

For me, the decade was wonderful. I wish to have the next one more exciting than this. These are the things that I explored. I am happy to challenge myself more.




A writer, dreamer, free spirit, goal of life is happiness

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Shipra Gupta

Shipra Gupta

A writer, dreamer, free spirit, goal of life is happiness

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