Why do I run


Today, someone asked me, why do I run? I started thinking about it and I felt that I have to say a lot about it.

Running is not just a sport for me. I am not even a sportsperson. My running journey started last year during this pandemic when all gyms were shut, and fitness is kind of part of life. It has not even been a year now. I call myself just a beginner runner. I run 4–6 days a week and my weekly mileage is 30–50k. After 2–3 months of running, it got converted into an addiction. Now back to the question, why do I run

Running is just like therapy. In everyone’s life, good days and bad days come in rotation. Similarly, some days my 23 hours are just like hell but when I wear my gears and go out for a run. My heartbeat rises, wind touches my face, my foot touches the ground in sync, and I just keep moving. That one hour just feels like a blessing on a rough day. I forget everything at that moment. So, running is just like therapy.

Discipline — Never in my life I have got up at 5–5:30 am except for those early morning flight moments and Vipassana days. Now, I get up at 5 in the morning by myself. I never have regrets about missing late-night crazy parties. Yeah!! Though people call me crazy sometimes because I cancel other plans for running. I am happy with my routine now and running contributes here as well.

Courage — I do not run for any medal or chase for any timings. But when day by day I see my improvement and achievements those are the moment of celebration. It gives me the courage to do better the next day.

Self-confidence — Running has given me a lot of self-confidence. My self-doubt is at the extreme, I always rate myself very low and this is a bad personality trait. My colleagues always ask me to improve my confidence and running gives me that confidence. I keep on doing better and gaining confidence in myself.

Fit body: I eat anything and still I am slimmer. Because I keep on burning my calories. You are eating your favorite foods and still, you are not fat. Could anything be better than this? It keeps me physically and mentally fit.

Run time is my time: Most of the time, I do not carry my phone when I go out running. I carry a phone only during late evening solo runs, or when I plan to run in a new direction. So, I just have my own company without any distraction. I can think about my life, I can get ideas for poetry.

Running is not easy. It asks for commitments. Commitments to be disciplined, practice strengthening, and understand the meaning of rest day. If you miss out on anything then injury will hold your back.

I know, everyone cannot understand this article. But the fellow runners can feel each word of it. My family and few friends also do not get it and just ignore them because running just fills my heart with all positive emotions.




A writer, dreamer, free spirit, goal of life is happiness

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Shipra Gupta

Shipra Gupta

A writer, dreamer, free spirit, goal of life is happiness

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